Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History’s Most Iconic Extinct Creatures By Ben Mezrich 

Howe Library selected this entertaining book for the Books and Lunch on Tuesdays (BLT) book group a couple years back. Recently I reread this one to catch some of the details I missed the first time around. The deftly written piece of nonfiction focuses on several genius scientists working to clone a woolly mammoth, using genetic information found in well preserved fossils from Siberia and live elephant cells. With the hope that woolly mammoths would help preserve the delicate permafrost ecosystems in the cold regions of Earth, the scientists, from a variety of backgrounds, embark on an epic journey.

Hot topics like the Human Genome Project and CRISPR gene editing are discussed in detail. The scientists work yields some thought provoking results, easy for nonscientist readers to grasp, especially if one is hoping to find out more about biodiversity and imminent climate emergencies. There are smatterings of interpersonal details and background accounts about the scientists that serve to keep the reader engaged with the different personalities on this scientific journey. This  is a great book group pick for a taste of nonfiction. 



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