Four YA Favorites

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott – If you’ve read all of the Rick Riordan books, maybe you’re ready for this series. There’s more about gods and goddesses from the Greeks, Norse and other ancient cultures. One of my favorite series to reread!

Sadie by Courtney Summer – This Edgar Award winner from 2019 is a well-written YA mystery. The main character does some scary detective work to find her younger sister’s murderer. The author gives us two story lines – Sadie’s interviews of the suspect’s family and friends and a podcast interview that’s two steps behind her. A gripping story.

The Book of Dust series: La belle Sauvage and The Secret Commonwealth by Philip Pullman – Have you read the series His Dark Materials (Book 1, The Golden Compass)? I brought both books home and read these well-written fantasies in two days. I have to admit that I also enjoyed rereading The Golden Compass too.

-Gary B.


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