A Prince on Paper

Reluctant Royals: Prince on Paper

In the next installment of the Reluctant Royals, we’ve got Nya, who’s recovering from all the revelations about her life in “A Princess in Theory” and Prince Johan, a man with a reputation as a playboy that doesn’t seem to hold up under scrutiny.

As Nya heads back to Theosolo for the wedding of Naledi and Thabiso, she bumps into Johan, who bears far too much of a resemblance to the prince Nya is romancing in her new dating sim game. However, it can’t hurt to romance him only in the game, right?

Johan knows his reputation and knows how it looks but he’s got secrets of his own. After the loss of his mother when young, he’s not really sure he wants to fall in love. But with Nya at his side and a fake engagement, does he have a choice?

If you love twists and turns on the way to a happy ending, you will love this book.


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