Reluctant Royals: A Duke by Default

A Duke by Default: Reluctant Royals by [Alyssa Cole]

A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole – In this corner, we’ve got the fabulous but scattered Portia Hobbs. She’s brilliant but messy and dealing with the feelings of constantly disappointing family or friends. So running off to Scotland to intern with a man who makes swords seems like the perfect next step, right?

And in this corner, we have Tavish McKenzie, a grumpy bear of a man who’s coming to terms with the fact that just because he makes medieval swords doesn’t mean he can operate on medieval business standards. This means letting Portia and her social media wizardry in. But that’s not all she wants to fix up. 

A truth bomb drops, revealing that Tavish is the secret son of a Duke. Now, he’s got a heck of a hill to climb to manage his potential new role and Portia can’t wait to spiff him up to do it. If they can survive this, they might just be able to survive falling for each other. 

-Shivani H.

Read Shivani’s review of A Princess in Theory, the first installment in the Reluctant Royals series.


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