Three Great Reads for Young Readers/Young Adults

by Kevin Henkes

The Year of Billy Miller is the story of Billy Miller’s joyous romp through second grade.   Billy talks through concerns that he has as a young elementary child (like what the first day of school would be like).   Billy’s parents and teacher are wonderful adults helping him make the transitions that young children go through.   This book would be a great family read aloud!

By Katherine Applegate

The Last is the first book in the series “Endling” by Katherine Applegate.   This relatively new fantasy series brings the reader though the near end of a species (diarnes) and the main character’s quest to find others of her kind.   As in any quest, she encounters other creatures as friend and foe.  This well written book is charming and will hold a reader’s attention throughout. 

By Laini Taylor

Strange the Dreamer is book one of a sci-fi series.   Author Laini Taylor creates a story of legend, of lost cities and a curious young mean who wants to find them.    This book received a Printz Award in 2017 – be prepared to want to read the book and forget everything else.  (Remember to eat!)

-Gary B.


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