Gary Paulsen

“Anytime I’m on the ocean, or in a forest, next to a dog, or reading or writing a book, I’m home. I am — I know — a very lucky man.”

We lost one of the great writers of children’s literature last year. Here are a few of his most recent titles, one published posthumously.

Gone to the Woods: Surviving a lost childhood, Gary Paulsen, (YA B PAULSEN)

Reading this memoir enables Paulsen fans to see how his early years shaped his writing career. Every one of his books that involves survival is based on his early years when he learned how to live with nature by gathering food based on nature’s migrations and harvest seasons. I’m planning to reread “Hatchet” after reading this book!

Northwind, Gary Paulsen, (J FIC PAU)

Paulsen’s last published book has a very different setting – the Scandinavian ocean. The main character Leif sets off with a fishing crew to harvest fish when a disease devastates the crew. An elder of the crew tells him to leave while he’s well and he learns to survive by observing sea animal’s hunting patterns.



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