Mission Blue: Save our Seas!

Browsing Netflix this week, I came across the documentary Mission Blue which follows oceanographer Sylvia Earle’s campaign to save the world’s oceans from threats such as overfishing and toxic waste.

Here are some other new books about the ocean we just added to the collection for kids. The wonder and mystery of the sea are portrayed in vibrant illustrations. The problems facing the creatures that live there are not avoided but handled with child-friendly explanations with hope for the future.

I knew about Sylvia Earle from a children’s book (😊), Life in the Ocean, by Claire Nivola, which does a great job of encapsulating her work in picture book format for kids.

Secrets of the Sea: The story of Jeanne Power, by Evan Griffith. The curiosity, drive, and perseverance of the nineteenth-century woman scientist who pioneered the use of aquariums to study ocean life are celebrated in this gorgeous, empowering picture book.

Little Turtle and the Changing Sea , by Becky Davies
A beautiful, lyrical story which explores the problem of plastic in the ocean, and the challenges facing marine life.

Off to See the Sea, by Nikki Grimes Bath time can be an adventure on the high seas!

The Last Straw, by Susan Hood Readers will be fascinated as they learn about the growing plastic problem and meet just a few of the young activists who are standing up and speaking out for change.


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