Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg:  A Life by Jane Sherron DeHart 

DeHart’s thoroughly researched biography of Judge Ginsburg examines her life, both private and public, from her childhood through her tenure on the Supreme Court.

Ruth Objects:  The Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Doreen Rappaport. Ill. by Eric Valasquez

For younger readers who may only know RBG as a popular culture icon, this beautifully illustrated book tells the story of the determined lawyer who championed women’s rights and rose to become a Supreme Court justice.

 Conversations with RGB by Jeffrey Rosen.

In a series of conversations with Jeffrey Rosen, the head of the National Constitution Center, Ruth Bader Ginsberg discusses her values and concerns on topics ranging from the right to choose to the #MeToo movement, from the strength of the Constitution to the future of the Supreme Court.


RGB by Magnolia Pictures. (Available on Kanopy)

This Academy Award nominated documentary film relates the story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legal legacy as well as her unlikely emergence as a pop culture icon. 

-Marilyn B.

Other downloadable formats:

Ruther Bader Ginsburg: A Life, e-book & e-audiobook

Conversations with RBG, e-book & e-audiobook


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