Three From Carlo Rovelli

Carlo Rovelli is an Italian physicist who has worked in Italy, the U.S., and France.  He is one of the founders of loop quantum gravity theory, and fortunately, for us, he is also the author of three books for the layperson on physics, Seven Brief Lessons on PhysicsReality is Not What it Seems, and The Order of Time.  The first was translated into over 40 languages, and all have been named best science books and won awards.  Rovelli has the gift of putting impossibly abstruse concepts into words and images of startling clarity.  Again and again one’s perspective on the universe shifts, and one “aha!” moment follows another.  At times there is an almost poetic quality to his prose, whether he is exploring the universe on a vast scale or a microscopic one, or discoursing on our realm, the human realm, somewhere in the middle.  These books take us outside our usual vantage point on the world and snap us into a different perspective.  They are lucidly written, illuminating, and well worth the modest extra effort required to read them.

-Jared J.

Howe Library catalog link.

E-Audiobook available from the New Hampshire Downloadable Books Consortium.


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