Place Based Mysteries

by Paul Doiron

The Poacher’s Son. Newly minted warden, Mike Bowditch, is devoted to upholding the Maine Game and Fish laws even though his estranged father makes a living as a poacher.  His dad is also an alcoholic who frequently  has made his son’s life miserable.   However, when his father is accused of murdering a timber company executive and a state trooper, following a contentious meeting over the sale of vast tracts of paper company land to developers, Mike is forced to decide whether his loyalties lie with family or the law.  Doiron knows the politics and the people of Maine well, and it shows in this first in a now eleven-book series.

by Dana Stabenow

A Cold Day For Murder. After having almost died while she was an investigator for the Anchorage District Attorney’s office, Aleut native Kate Shugak has reluctantly returned to her home in the Alaskan wilderness simply known as “The Park.”  When a National Park ranger goes missing and the state trooper sent to find him also disappears, Kate is asked to use her knowledge of the park and its mix of natives, misfits and outcasts to help find the missing men.  Her search quickly leads her right back into the park life she thought she’d left behind and into more danger than she imagined.  This first book in the Kate Shugak series is full of details about the remote Alaskan environment and the folks, both good and evil, who call it home.

by Parker Bilal

The Golden Scales. Makana, a former Sudenese police detective, who’s been forced to leave his native country is now living in contemporary Cairo and somewhat reluctantly trying to support himself as a private detective.  Against his own better judgement, but in need of the money, Makana agrees to take on the case of a corrupt Cairo soccer team owner whose star player has disappeared.  Soon, Makana finds himself caught up in the maelstrom that is modern Cairo, full of avarice and greed, wealth and poverty, secrets and desires.  The sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of modern Cairo are everywhere in this book in the Makana series, and Makana himself is a wonderfully developed character, as are his friends…and enemies.

-Marilyn B.


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