Three Books for the Modern Economy

Glass House is the story of an “all-American town” whose community was completely built upon one employer, the Anchor Hocking Glass Company. Brian Alexander tells a story of a changing economy, and how the interest of investors, and not workers, shattered a place. An investigation into the lives of the citizens of Lancaster, Ohio show a place with many people who still care about their home, but a company, and an economy that didn’t.

In Janesville: An American Story Amy Goldstein’s intimately reports on the closing of a General Motors plant in Wisconsin. She ponders the long-term economic consequences for the town while also highlighting those in the community who are determined to not let Janesville slip into economic decline. This is a tale of industrial America and the fight of everyday citizens.

Winner of the National Book Award in 2013, The Unwinding by George Packer tracks the lives of several different citizens living with the reality of modern economic and cultural America . Some have benefited greatly from a changing country, while others have fallen further behind. This is journalism transformed to literature about the story of The United States.


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